Thursday, June 21, 2018, 1:00 PM (ET)

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By Order of General Display, Complete Plant Closure, Including:  Press Brakes, Shears, Stamping Presses, Bending Equipment, Welding Equipment, Woodworking Equipment,  Plant Support, etc.
Medway, Massachusetts - USA
  • Chicago Dries & Krump 6' x 45 Ton Press Brake Model 1556-A, S/N L14607, 30 to 45 Ton w/ Hurco Autobend IV

  • Verson Press Brake 6' x 45 Ton Press Brake Model 56A, S/N L16145, 30 to 45 Ton, FOBG

  • DiAcro 6' Press Brake Model 1472, S/N 6600479462, FOBG

  • Chicago Dries & Krump 4' x 15 Ton Press Brake Model L35-L13845

  • Verson Press Brake 4' x 15 Ton Press Brake, S/N 12549-16-48, 2" Stroke

  • Niagara 4' x 15 Ton Press Brake, 2" Stroke, FOBG

  • Excellsior 6' Press Brake Model 3506, S/N 7524, 3" Stroke, 14 Ga

  • Verson 6' x 25 Ton Press Brake, S/N 124551062

  • Verson 4' x 15 Ton Press Brake, S/N 148-1648

  • Wysong 4' Power Squaring Shear, Left Squaring Arm, 10 Ga

  • Niagara 6' Power Squaring Shear, Left Squaring Arm

  • Alpha Welder 200 KVA Spot Welder Model ARN, S/N 7478, Entron Controls 

  • Alpha Spot Welder 4-Station, Heat & Weld Controls

  • Lors 8-Station Welder Machine MW1 w/ Entron Controls, (2) 120 KVA, S/N 19245 & Kirkoff S/N 17290 Transformer 150 KVA
  • (2) Lors Welders 140AT, 40 KVA, SW14, SW13

  • Lors 8-Head Spot Welder Model 503, S/N 684/3235, 140 KVA

  • Lors 8-Head Spot Welder Model 519 S/N 485-3403, 120 KVA

  • Lors 8-Head Spot Welder Model 510, S/N 285-3343

  • (2) Lors Spot Welder Model 120BW, S/N 197-6110, 20 KVA

  • Lors Spot Welder Model 140-FR, S/N 12772257, 40 KVA

  • Lors 16-Head Spot Welder S/N 10762088, Entron Control

  • (10+) Sterling 40 KVA Spot Welder Model SP18ASB (Older)

  • (7) Miller Welder Model CP200, w/ Millermatic Wire Feed

  • (2) Shuster Wire Straightener/Cutoff Machine

  • L&J #5 OBI Mechanical Press

  • Bliss #4 OBI Press, Mechanical Clutch

  • Bliss #3 OBI Press, Mechanical Clutch

  • Euromac Model EU-DS4000MP, S/N 21622

  • Holz 4 Bag Dust Collection System Model GAM4C, 7.5 HP

  • Evans Royal EZY-Bond Pinch Rolls Model 200B, S/N 8177137

  • Dankey Router S/N N/A w/ 3-Roll Feed

  • Rockwell Planer, 24" x 9", S/N 8657922

  • (2) Delta Rockwell 10" Unisaw,  T-Square Edge Guide

  • Delta Rockwell 10" Unisaw, S/N N/A, T-Square Edge Guide

  • Bosch Overarm Router Model 93940

  • Dykey Multiple Spindle Vertical Drilling Machine, S/N N/A, Belt Drive

  • Everett Industries Abrasive Cutoff Saw Model 12M, S/N 99-1629, 3600 RPM

  • Dewalt Radial Arm Saw, Contractors Series, 3.5 HP

  • Lubow Bending Machine Compact Folding Brake Model CFB18, S/N 12583

  • Lubow Power Roll Bender, 8" Width, 3 Roll, Model RR-25, S/N 2-2-60

  • (3) Diacro Benders

  • TCM Forklift Model FCG20N5, S/N 3160859, 4,000 Lb Cap, Double Mast

  • Clark LPG Forklift Model C30B, S/N 832586, 3,000 Lb Cap

  • Sullivan Palatek Rotary Screw Air Compressor Model 25-D4, S/N 02H 053

Much More!! Too Much to List!!
General Display, Inc.
6 Industrial Park Road
Medway, Massachusetts 02053

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First Lot Closes: Thursday, June 21, 1:00 PM (ET).

Lots have 1-minute staggered closing times with 1-lot closing every minute.

Open House Inspection: Wednesday, June 20, 9 AM to 4 PM (local time)

Buyers are fully responsible for all rigging and shipping costs. We strongly recommend all buyers to get rigging quotes prior to bidding and bid accordingly.

For Rigging Quotes Contact:

Pedowitz Machinery Movers
Joseph Duffy
Cell: 908-444-1419

Scopro Rigging
Jeanne McBrearty
Cell: 508-612-6629


Registration Deposit / Bidder Approval.  All bidders that aren't pre-approved by Thomas Industries will be required to provide a refundable deposit, prior to being approved for bidding.  The deposit must be  25% of the amount the bidder is looking to be approved for bidding up to.  Thomas Industries, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to deny bidding privileges to any customer. For information on bidder Approval or to provide a registration deposit contact Irina Lekhmus (email: or Phone: 203-458-0709). 

Currency:  (USD).  This auction will be conducted in United States currency (USD)

Buyer's Premium: 18%

Staggered Closing Times: Lots Have 60-Second Staggered Closing Times.

Auto Extend Bidding: If a bid is submitted with less than 3-minutes remaining, the closing time for that lot will be extended by 3-minutes.

Payment Due In Full: Friday, June 22, 2018.

Payment Types: Certified Check or Wire Transfer

As-Is Where-Is:  All Items Are Sold "As-Is Where-Is" With No Warranty or Guarantee of Operating Condition.  Auctioneer Strongly Recommends That Buyers Inspect Equipment Prior to Bidding.

Removal:  Removal begins Monday June 25. Removal Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (M-F). All items must be removed by Friday, July 6, 2018,  Any items not removed by this date will be considered abandoned and bidder will forfeit all right to any items not removed, including all deposit or  payment monies.

Removal Costs: Buyers are fully responsible for all cost to remove their purchases.  Please get removal quotes prior to bidding and bid accordingly.

Legally Binding Contract:  All bids constitute a legally binding contract and bidders will be legally obligated to make payment and remove items in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sale.

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