Thursday, December 10, 2015 1:00 PM (ET)

Fonar MRI Machine

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By Order of Secured Party, Auction Featuring a 2005 Fonar MRI Machine, Standup MRI, Installed New in 2005, Position Imaging, Teslar Magnetic Technology, "Whisper Gradients" TM For High Resolution and Fast Scanning
New Haven, Connecticut - USA


Fonar Stand Up MRI - Year: 2005 - S/N 1343 - Open MRI w/ Position Imaging,  Teslar Magnetic Technology and "Whisper Gradients" TM for High Resolution and Fast Scanning. Includes: Operator's Console w/ Dual Symmetric Multi Processor and (2) Monitors; Fonar Sympulse Operating Software 6.2 (assume upgraded July 2007), (2) Analog F/E MK II CE Assemblies, RFI Corp Filters; High Field Sympulse, .6T RF; Danfysik System 8000 Magnet Power Supply Model 620A Gradient Rack w/ Analytic Corp, .6T RF Amplifier Model ANB102-5, (3) Copley Controls Corp Model 266; Lambda EMI, ESS Power Supply, Siemens Heavy Duty Motor Switch 200 Amp, 480 V, and MCG 3 Phase 480V Surge Protector. USED WITH (1) Quadrature Head Coil; (1) Cervical (expanded diameter) Solenoid Coil; (2) Extremity Coils; (1) Quadrature Knee Coil; (1) Shoulder Coil - Seated; (1) Wrist (and small extremity Coil; (1) Quadrature Thoracic - Lumbar; (3) High Performance Spine & Body Coils (65", 55", 45" and (1) Planar Thoracic - Lumbar Coil Please Note  : Descriptions/Specifications have been provided from original purchase order information it is buyer’s responsibility to confirm existence of any of above components , serial number , age , or model numbers that may have been altered or removed since the acquisition of the Fonar System

216 Crown Street
Basement Unit #A
New Haven, CT

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