September 21, 2011

American Press

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By Order of American Press, Multi-Million Dollar Offering, Including:  Late Model Modern Bindery Equipment, Web Printing Presses and Mail Room Equipment
Gordonsville, Virginia, USA

2008 Goss Saddle Stitcher Model Pacesetter SP2200, 22,000 Pieces Per Hour, Including: (8) Pocket Feeders #HS22; SIM Blow In Card Feeder #CF550-A; Pacesetter SP2200 Wire Stitcher; #f400445-HT22 Trim Unit; SIM Mail Table #10-MT w/SIM 675-L Turnover and SIM L90 T 90 Deg Turn; #BS60/F400445 Stacker; Fast Technologies Line Control System #Fast Pro 8100; Domino Jet Array Printer #C1A2351; Domino BIT Jet Printer; National Turbine Blower; SIM Electronic Caliper #SSCALIP; (8) STI Pocket Feeders #SFXA-GEN2

2000 Heidelberg Perfect Binder Model UB227, S/N UB429D, Including: 24-Pocket Gatherer #RG318D; Heidelberg Perfect Binder #UB227 27-Clamp S/N UB429-D; (2) Valco Cincy Adhesive Melt Systems #BDM200A w/Nordson PA2500 Melt System; (24) Baldwin Hopper/Loaders #SUP/RG; 2001 Prim Hall Book Block Feeder #3BG-150 w/Book Feeder; SIM Non-Custodial Bindery Delivery; SIM Flexible Conveyor 180 Deg.; SIM Good Book Reject Unit #610; SIM Good Book Reject Conveyor #613; 1999 Kolbus Trimmer #HD 151.P Pegasus S/N 504; Transnorm 90 Deg Belt Conveyor; SIM SF500 Post Trimmer Mail System; SIM SF401 Destack Conveyor; SIM 675A Book Feeder w/Base; SIM Turnover Belt; SIM 90 FT Flow Turn; SIM 613 Cold Book - Tall Book - Long Book Reject System; Domino Ink Jet System #ST8; Pinner Static Bars #DCS-EL w/Simco Chargemaster Generator; Rima Stacker #RD-33105 9; Reliance VS Drive Controls

(3) Civiemme Auto Double Stream Stackers #ST420/40DS S/N's: 001470173-1, 01470173-2, 0147017-3 (New 2003), Automatic Double Stream Stackers, Size Range: 6" x 11-3/8" to 11" x 11-3/8"

Mitsubishi L750 Web Printing Press, 5-Units, Perfecting, 36" Max Width, 22.75" Cutoff (1970's/1980's Vintage), Including: Butler Auto Roll Splicer #SE638F 38" Infeed w/Datamat Controls & 3400 lb. Hoist; Butler Auto Infeed #412S40B; 2001 Oxy-Dry Protech System II Auto Blanket Washers; Baldwin Jimek Litho Spray Dampening System; (4) Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Drum Pumps; Redline Water Softener; E2 Osmonics Filter; 300 Gallon Poly Tank; 2001 Baldwin Grafotec Dailyliner 2.0L Fountain Solution Circulation/Cooling Unit; 2001 Protech System III Auto Blanket Wash System; Applied Web systems Pollution Control Unit; Reliance VS Drive Controls; 2001 Megtec Phaser 390 2-Zone Gas Fired Dryer 32.5'; 2001 Megtec Chill Stand w/5-Rolls & Air Clutch; 2001 Graphics System Microcolor II Computer Ink Control System; 2001 Graphics Systems Color Quick Closed Loop Color Control System; Fausted Excell III Lo-Profile UV-Coater - Single Sided Inline Coating; Auto Silicone Applicator; 2001 Innotech 4P/8P Cover Production System 50,000 IPH w/2-Innoromer Fold Stations, ea w/2-13" fold assemblies; 2001 WPM Rotacuter 2000 Cover System Rotary Cutter; Versa Tech Stacker #VTS-2009-01 w/Counter; 2001 Nela Ternes Proform Elite 42" Auto Plate Bender

Harris M5000 Web Printing Press, 4-Unit, 2-Web, 50" Max Width, 35.5" Cutoff (New 1979), Including: 5000 lb. Hoist w/Spreader; (2) Butler Splicers #1.5-5050-16; Harris Dual Feed Unit w/Bobst Registration Controllers & 2-Web Guides; (4) Harris Print Units #AS149E/AS1492E11891 Dual Web w/Dahlgren Dampening & Custom M5000 Fountain Solution Mixing Unit; (2) Custom Dual Circulator / Chillers w/Baldwin Balcontrol Alcohol Makeup; TEC Systems Tec Turn Web Turning System; (6) Quad/Tech Web Servers; TEC Systems Gas Fired Single Pass Drying Oven Series 2 MC18; TEC Systems Gas Fired Single Pass Drying Oven Series 2 MC18; (2) Harris 4-Roll Chill Units w/Rayteck Thermalert II Temp Sensors & Fincor VS Drives; (2) WPC Web Guides; Harris Ribbon Deck / Angle Bar #MB2434 8-Ribbon w/Quad Tech PC-2-2-36 Cut Off Controller & 2-Quad Tech Silicon Applicators 2-sided; Harris Double Former/Folder w/Hurletron Static Eliminators; (2) Rapistan/Rolmaster Right Angle Delivery Belt Conveyors; (2) Stobb Dual Stacker/Bundlers; (2) Fincor 250 HP DC Drive Units; Perretta Graphics Dual Auto Inking Console #P200M; Quad Tech Auto Register Control System #RGSIV upgraded 95'; GMI Micro Color II Digital Ink Control; Web Break Detectors; Auto Ink Feeding w/4-Graco #204-287 Pneumatic Ink Pumps; Secondary Auto Ink Feeding w'Graco Pneumatic Ink Pumps; Quad/Tech Motorized Core Unwinder

Man Roland Lithoman V Web Printing Press (Manufactured 1992 - Installed New 1995), 8-Units, 2-Web, Heatset, 57" Max Width, 33.280" Cutoff, Including: (2) Stork Contibeb 59" Shaftless Auto Loading Slicers #SH50-B0; Man Roland Infeed unit w/Closed Loop Electronic Tension Control - Vertical Dancer Asembly - Full Width Rubber Covered NIP Roller; (8) Printing Units; (2) Stork Contiweb Ecotherm 105-146O Stac Dryers; Chilled Roll Stand w/6-Rollers - Open Wrap Style; (2) WPC Unframe Web Guides #9460; (2) WPC Frame Web Guides #9460; Oxy-Dry Protech Systems Auto Blanket Washes for the 8-Units; WPC Microtec CCR Register System for the 2-Webs; WPC Dual Web Cut Off Control #9502; (2) WPC Silicone Applicators #960; WPC Stacking Arrangement of Web Guides CCR & Applicators; QPC Sonic Web Break Detectors #700S; Fountmix Series 2000 Chiller Recirculation System; Lithoman V Fixed Zene Pinless 2-Former Folder 33.280" Cutoff - 2-Pairs NIP Rollers; Programmable Logic Controller & Drive

2005 Megtec Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Model Cleanswitch 200-95 S/N 118166, 99% Voc Destruction Efficiency Cut, (2) Heat Exchange Columns, (1) Insulated System Fan w/TEFC Motor and AC VF Drive, (1) Natural Gas Burner w/FM Approved Fuel Train, Burner Access Platform, Air Conditioned and Heated Control Room, Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC Controller, 130' Carbon Steel Exhaust Tank, (3) T-Dampers
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