June 29, 2011

Numonyx Philippines

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By Order of Numonyx Philippines, Inc. - Complete Closure of Semiconductor Back-End Assembly and Test Facility, Including: Assembly Machines, Inspection Tools, Testing Equipment, Burnin Equipment, Plant Support and Much More
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines
  • (2) Advantest Testers Model T5336
  • ASM/Rofin Lasermark Model Fico Handler/Rofin Laser
  • (14) RVSI Inspection Tools Model 7700 & 3700
  • Lintec Mount / Detape Tool Model LTD2500
  • Disco Dicer Saw Model SBS8800 Matrix Array
  • (2) HP Versatest 1000 FAT 5 Testers
  • Speedline Reflow Oven Model Omniflo7E
  • Nitto Mounter Model MA1508N
  • Despatch PMC Oven Model PBC2-32
  • March Plasma Clean Oven Model PX1000
  • (13) Systemation Inspection Tools Model ST595
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