October 27, 2011

Matheson Higgins Congress Press

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By Order of Matheson Higgins Congress Press, Inc., Specialty Converting Equipment, Including: Bobst, Kluge & Heidelberg Die Cutters, Saroglia Foil Stamping & Embossers, Tunkers Automated Mounting Machines, Moll Pocket Fold Gluers, Polar Mohr Cutters, Glue Systems, Material Handling, Plant Support, etc.
Woburn, Massachusetts USA

Bobst 1260 EGC with Eagle System 4900 MR1 Foil Stamping and Embossing Press Model 1260 E

Beddis Kenley
Artfoil Foil Stamping and Embossing Press Model Model B, 28" x 40"

Semi Automated Mounter 3 stations Model Kaschierstation (New 1997) Max sheet size 43 X 66"

Polar Mohr
47" Cutter Model 115ED (New 1996)

Moll Regal
Pocket folder gluer; Versa Fold Unit S/N 91; Bump & Turn Unit S/N 427; Final Fold Unit S/N 646; Dial-A-Stack Unit S/N 1525

Fully Automated Tunkers
Mounting machine (New 1993), Sheet laminating section, auto suction feeder and Kaschier station, and a download stacker

Moll Marathon
Pocket folder gluer with final fold and dial a stacker Model Marathon, S/N 827; Final Fold S/N 444; Dial A Stack S/N 438; Gluebind 2-head Hot Melt Glue System

FUB 20 X 28" Foil Stamping and embossing Press

Foil Stamping and Embossing Press Model D, 11" X 17"

1080 Die cutting press Model 1080

22 X 30 1/4" Die cutting press S/N 10601969-101, Machined to run .937" rule height

FUB 20 X 28" Foil Stamping and embossing Press

Thompson National
44 X 66" Die cutting press Model 10-8-7

Thomson National
28 X 41" Die cutting and Embossing Press with heat Model 8-6 ACDM
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