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Thomas Industries provides auction services that are unsurpassed in quality and provide optimum asset recovery to their clients, whether their assets include machinery, equipment, inventories, intangibles or real property.

Since 1947, Thomas Industries has been a pioneer in the advancement of auction technology. In the early days, sales were recorded on note cards and invoices were generated by hand, later on in the 70’s portable PC’s and the first computerized auction systems were used, and in the 80’s Thomas launched their first website at for posting auction information. The 90’s and into the 21st century brought about a whirl-wind in auction and internet technology that has forever changed the auction industry.

Thomas Industries has remained at the forefront of this transformation utilizing state-of-the-art webcast bidding systems, online auction technology, wireless remote access clerking and automated invoicing systems. To improve efficiency and provide the highest level of service, all of this is hosted on secure remote web servers that can be accessed by Thomas personnel from anywhere in the world.

For each project, complete comprehensive web pages are created to provide all of the pertinent auction information. In addition, these web pages are coded and designed for optimum ranking among the major search engines. Detailed specifications and multiple photos of each auction item enable the buyers to bid with confidence, and in many cases inspection aren’t even required.


Live webcast auction technology has enables bidders from across the globe to participate in auctions from the comfort of their home or office. Thomas Industries utilizes a combination of teleconferencing and point-and-click bidding interfaces to enable high speed interactive competitive bidding. These auctions are most often conducted in conjunction with an onsite auction in which the internet bidders are bidding in real-time against bidders at an auction site.


In conjunction with the increasing utilization of the internet, the online auction format has become a common approach to selling assets. Thomas Industries has developed a proprietary online bidding system utilizing Ajax technology for automatic screen refreshing to create an interactive online bidding environment in which all bidding takes place exclusively over the internet.

Each lot is posted with a final bidding time and at the close of the auction the highest bidder is declared the winner. Bids may be placed at any time up until the close of the auction; all that is needed is a computer and access to the internet. Live on-screen currency conversion and language conversion is available to accommodate worldwide buyer participation.


Traditional onsite auctions are still conducted in many instances. At these sales the auction bidding is conducted at the actual site where the property is located. Buyers register at the site on the morning of the sale, an onsite auction office is set up, invoices are generated onsite, payments are collected and Thomas’s personnel oversee the removal of purchases.