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The F.P. Horak Company

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Business Moving Location - Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Needs of The F.P. Horak Company, Plant Closure Including: HP Digital Printing Presses, Web Printing Presses, Envelope Printing Presses, CTP Machine, Complete Bindery, Mailing Equipment, Packaging Machines, Plant Support, etc.
Bay City, Michigan- USA
  • HP Indigo 10000 Digital Printing Press S/N IL50000506 (New 2016), Impression Count: 30,664,770, Upgraded to 12000 Series, 29.5" x 20.8" Max Sheet Size & Cababilites, Automatic Load Elevator, 2-High Capacity Sheet Drawer, 7-Color Ink, Accumulating Stacker, Remote Ernst Furrer Chiller, 2" Feed Lines, 3-Cooling Tower, 39" X 100" x 78" Overall Size - Being Offered by Private Sale Only - Contact Fred Moss at 781-844-1645
  • HP Indigo 7500 Digital Printing Press, S/N IL43000095 (New 2010), Impression Count: 84,083,454, Upgraded to 7800 Series, 13" x 19" Max Sheet Size, 4-High Capacity Sheet Drawer Feed, 7-Color Ink, Accumulating Stacker, Donaldson UC-0240SP Remote Chiller, 37" x 28" x 60" Overall Size, Portable, S/N 50782 (2010) - Being Offered by Private Sale Only - Contact Fred Moss at 781-844-1645
  • Didde Model 207-693 Web Press S/N 136-2044 (New 1991), 4 Color, 21" Web Width, 28" Cylinders (14" Cutoff), Dancer, Erhardt Liemer TR 24 Guide, Inverter Roll, Numbering Station, Perforation Station, Cross Perforation, Roller Shear, Outfeed Conveyor, Roller Rewind Station
  • Sanden Model 821 Web Printing Press, S/N 510, 4 Color, 21" Width, 22" Cylinders (11" Cutoff), Roll Feed Conditioner, Number Station, Roller Perf, Roller Knife, Roller Shear, Take Up Roll
  • Drent Model Gazelle 6 IMR Web Printing Press 4 Color, 24" Width, Variable Cutoff, Inserts for: 13/14/17/22/24/26" Cutoff, BST DF Feed Conditioner, GIS 1000 Overhead Hoist, 52' Trolley Rail, Slitter, 2-Perforation Station, Control Console
  • Sanden Model 792R Collator, S/N 719 (New 1990), 6-Feed Roll Station, Valco VC910 Flow Control Station, 2-Roll Crimp Station, Knurling Station, Numbering Station, Roller Cross Perforation, Roller Shear, Stack Accumulator
  • Didde-glaser Model WK6A1 Collator, S/N 225-58 (6) 16" Roll Feed Stations, 5-Edge Glue Application Station, Acumeter, Glue Control Panel, Numbering Station Roller Shear, Accumulator Conveyor
  • Halm 2/C Envelope Printing Press Model JP-TWO-6, S/N 3856, 2 Color, 10" Press, Envelope Feeder, Outfeed Conveyor, Royce Space Saver Circulation System
  • Heidelberg Model QM46-2 Printmaster Offset Printing Press S/N 962786 (New 2001), 2 Color, 13" x 18" Press, Quick Spray Coater
  • Polar Mohr Model 115E Programmable Paper Cutter S/N 6831512 (New 1998), 45", Programable Control, Air Table, Light Curtain
  • Polar Mohr Model TR130EL-5 Transomat Unloader S/N 7893126 (New 2008)
  • Polar Mohr Model 78ES Paper Cutter S/N 7061685 (New 2000), 30", Programmable Control, Air Table, Light Curtain
  • Polar Mohr Model 78E Paper Cutter S/N 6761352 (New 1997), 30", Programmable Control, Air Table, Light Curtain
  • Polar Mohr Model RA-4 Power Jogger S/N 7882084 (New 2008), Digital Weigh Cell
  • Polar Mohr Model LW1000-4 Paper Lift S/N 7772572 (New 2008), 2,200 Lb Max Cap
  • Fuji Model Javlin PT-R8600S CTP S/N 912323 (New 2016) 46" Max Width, Auto Exposure, PC Tower Control, Nita 48" x 48" Transfer Station, Portable, Glunz & Jensen Quartz III 85 Automatic Developer, S/N 94199-0651, Nita PS-36 Plate Stacker, Thermo Scientific Thermo Chill Portable Chiller S/N 0111080401160523
  • Fuji Model Javelin PT-R8300 CTP S/N 100052 (New 2010) 46" Max Width, Auto Exposure, PC Tower Control, Nita 48" x 48" Transfer Station, Portable, Glunz & Jensen Quartz III 85 Automatic Developer, S/N 94199-0387, Nita PS-36 Plate Stacker S/N 8272-0610
  • Kluge Model EHD 14X22 Embossing Press S/N 52EHD148254G, 14" x 22" Max Sheet Size, Heated Emboss Plate, 3-Roll Feed Roll
  • Kluge Die Cutter/Foiler Stamper S/N 1WFD121004, 14" x 22" Platen
  • Original Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutter S/N 8987, Max Sheet Size, 28" x 21", Embossing Capable
  • Heidelberg Windmill Press S/N 644, 15" x 10" Platen, Inking Unit
  • B&R Moll Pocket Folder System (New 2014), 139-10486CE Pile PT Feeder Line, S/N RPT36AC10001-14, 26-43-6521CE Versa Fold 36 Folding/Gluing Line S/N 36VSTP1029-14, A106-9534 Stacker Table S/N SDM1003-14, ITW Dynatec Dynamelts Hot Glue Pump S/N SR1GGGBD12-A, IT Dynatec Dynamini Hot Glue Pump S/N 312685-B, Herma H400 24R Tape/Tab Applicator S/N 20721001, Herma H400 16L Tape/Tab Applicator S/N 20618423, Moll Tape Applicator S/N 638
  • Duplo System 4000 Booklet Maker, DBM-400STR Stacker, Cover Feeder, S/N 020401205, LUR Lifting Unit, Conveyor S/N 020401213, (2) DC-10/60 10-Pocket Collator Towers, S/N 030100051 & 020800237, LUL-HM Lifting Unit S/N 020600070, DBM-400 Stitcher Folder Unit S/N 020601798, DMT-400T Trimmer Unit S/N 020601847, DMB 400K Kicker Attachment S/N 020300725, DBM-400KS Long Stacker Conveyor S/N 030100881
  • Heidelberg Model SFA-603 Banding Machine S/N FH.DGAD-00299 (New 2006), 36" Infeed Conveyor, 3 Stacker/Bundler Station, Paper Tape Wrap, Pendulum Mounted Control Panel, 36" x 48" Power Outfeed Conveyor
  • Haskins Kluge Hyperfold Pocket Folder/Gluer S/N 02175, 30" x 22" Max Sheet, Edge Fold, Power Elevator, Speed Controller, Sheet Folder, Saddle Folder, Stacker Table, Sure Tack Systems Hot Glue Pump S/N 950264
  • Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST270 Saddle Binder S/N 0064 (New 2000), (7) TAS270 Side Pocket Loaders, S/N 0379, 0376, 0383, 0382, 0381, 0380, 0377, TAL 20 Top Pocket Loader, S/N 0039, UFA 270 Cover Feeder, S/N 0068, HS270 Stitcher, S/N 0064, ST270 3-Knife Trimmer
  • Muller Martini Minuteman Saddle Stitcher S/N 946614, (3) 1533 2-Pocket Feed Station, S/N 946614; 1528 Midline Feeder S/N 946683, 2-Head Saddle Switch, 1522 3-Knife Trimmer Press
  • Renz Model AP360V4 Auto Punch Binding Punch S/N 363602200-22269, Side Load Elevtor, 14" Max Width, Automatic Aligner, Adjustable Punch, Remote Control Panel
  • De Jor UV Coating System S/N BUV210, Atlantis 658 Elevator Feed Table, 20" x 24" Max Sheet Size, Vacuum Feed, S/N 222, Der Jor Roller Coating Applicator, Der Jor V-06 UV Exposure Drying Unit, 28" x 160" Mesh Conveyor, (2) Exposure Lamp Units, Digital Control Panel
  • Renz Model MOBI 500 Spiral Bind Inserter S/N 405001610-1111, Power Shear, Automatic Binding Clamp, 7" LCD Display Panel, Outfeed Conveyor Table
  • Profold PNT III Tabber, S/N PNT3-009
  • Rima System Model RS-1012S Collator Stacker S/N 107706-10 (New 2004) Incline Conveyor, Digital Control Panel, Collector Turntable Ejector Arm
  • MBO Model T49 Folder, S/N G10/18, Pile Feed, 4/4, A/9 Delivery
  • KAS Mailmaster 465HS Mail Inserter, High Capacity Feeder, 6 Station Feeder Collector Conveyor, Envelope Inserter
  • Challenge Model MSS Paper Drill S/N 025253, 20" Max Width, (5) Adjustable Drill Heads, 34" x 18" Laminate Table, Foot Pedal Operation
  • Nale 21 Numbering Machine S/N 1287-302, Continuous Form Fed, 20" Width , Feed Control Station, (2) Adjustable Numbering Stations, (1) Fixed Numbering Station
  • Nale 34 Snap Sheet MICR Numbering Machine S/N 34-0594-587, Sheet Fed, 12" Width Capacity, (3) Adjustable Numbering Stations, Film Impression Inking, Gripper Transport
  • Challenge Round Corner Machine
  • Conflex Model 250HS L-Seal Packaging Machine S/N 2500408219, 20" Max Roll Fed, Cross Seal, Delivery Conveyor
  • Beseler L-Seal Packaging Machine S/N 11512028PTPPK with T-18-8-M Shrink Tunnel
  • Eastey Model EP2028TK L-Seal Packaging Machine S/N 1152028PTPPK, 20" Roll Delivery Table, Digital Heat Controls
  • Eastey Model ET1608 Heat Shrink Tunnel S/N 18751608TL (New 2006) Portable, 16" Roller Chain Conveyor
  • 3M Model 8000A 3M Matic Automatic Case Sealer S/N 6729, Adjustable to 22" x 28" Width, Dual Power Side Feed Conveyor, Top & Bottom Tape Application
  • Enkel Model 082645SE Feed Splicer S/N 01-01962RH (New 1997), 1,800 Lb Max Roll Weight, 2,500 Mandrel Hoist, 26" Roll Width, 2-Roll Feed, 4-Dancer, Automatic Splice
  • Martin Automatic Paper Roll Feeder Splicer 2-Roll Handling Station, 2,200 Lb Overhead Mandrel Hoist, Automatic Splice Station, 26" Max Width, 6-Dander, 14' x 58" x 140" Overall Size
  • Martin Automatic Paper Roll Feeder Splicer, 2 Roll Handling Station, 1,200 Lb Overhead Mandrel Hoist, Automatic Splice Station, 22" Max Width, 6 Dancer
  • WTI Jumbo Rewind Model JR 50/20.5, (New 2006)
  • WTI Jumbo Rewind Model JR50/21/1000, S/N F01036 (New 2001), 25 HP Motor
  • Evtec ILF Sheeter Model SBS2618 Evtec Batcher Stackers, Web Fed Collator, Roller Slitter, 24" Capacity, Roller Shear, Accumulator Cross Feed, Belted Roller Conveyor, Siemens Touch Screen Control Panel, S/N EV315-SB52618-01 & EBS2028-250-090898
  • BioApCo Model 3LK-4058V Paper Shredder 40 HP Drive Motor, 58" x 96" Incline Belt Hopper, Single Shredder Shaft, 58" x 10" Output to 30" Transfer Blower, 30 HP Blower Motor, S/N 00907A
  • Puhl/Farr Camfil Model GS-40 Dust Collection System S/N EB40G6001 (New 2017), (2) Chamber Collections, (40) Filter Units, Farr Digital Control Panel, (2) Conical Collection Chutes, Bottom Discharge into (2) 55 Gallon Drums, Mounted on Welded Steel Frame Elevated Stand, Top Side Exhaust, 211" x 85" x 240" Overall Size, Remote Floor Mounted 60 HP Blower Motor, 52" x 20" Blower, 25" x 37" Discharge Chute, Electronic Control Panel
  • AEP Model 3430 Closed End Horizontal Baler S/N HB9105L, 20 HP, Hydraulic Power Supply, 30" x 40" x 62" Bale Chamber, 30" x 34" Top Feed Chute
  • AEP Model 6048 Closed End Horizontal Baler S/N HB9081, 20 HP Hydraulic Power Supply, 30" x 40" x 62" Bale Chamber, 30" x 34" Top Feed Chute
  • Assembled Waste Paper Collection Systems (New 2017) with (2) 78" x 120" Collection Hopper, Conical Bottom Collection to Balers, 16' x 25' x 16' Steel Frame Support, (2) 48" Transfer Blowers, Steel Frame Ceiling Mount
  • Sullair 7509AC Air Compressor S/N 201501140053 (New 2015), Rotary Screw Type, 125 PSIG, 100 HP, 26585 Metered Hours
  • Sullair Model V-160-75 H/A Air Compressor S/N 200605240048 (New 2006), Rotary Screw Type, 140 PSIG, 75 HP
  • 2016 Beko Model DPRAX500-NA-RB Refrigerated Air Dryer S/N 4019958 (New 2016), 500-SCFM, R-134 Refrigeration
  • Quincy Air Compressor S/N 901880SBHANA32L, Rotary Screw Type, 40 HP, Steel Skid Mounted 39848 Metered Hours
  • Speedair 5 HP Vertical Tank Air Compressor Model 35WC82, S/N 1981474 (New 2017)
  • Clark Model ECX25 Fork Lift S/N ECX36008489653, ROPS, 3,250 Lb Cap, 189" Max Lift Height, 36- Volt Battery, 3 Stage Mast, Cascade 38F-RCP-158 360 Degree 52" Max Cap Rotating Roll Clamp, S/N PTL944453-1, Applied Energy Battery Charger, 5702 Metered Hours
  • 2004 Clark Model ESM1120 Stand Up Fork Lift S/N ESM247-0240-9580KF  (New 2004), ROPS, 3,200 Lb Max Cap, 199" Max Lift Height, 3-Wheel, 36-Volt Battery, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, 42" Forks, Joystick Cotnrol, Applied Energy Battery Charger, 4875 Metered Hours
  • EZ Turner Pile Turn Model EZ41 S/N 41-122034, Manual Type, 1200 lb cap
  • (2) Epson Model SC-P9000 Large Format Printers, 44" Max Width, Roll Fed, 6 Color S/N's VM7E001107 & VM7E001064
  • Multifeeder Model MFT350 Friction Feeder Portable, Adjustable Size, Digital Control Panel, 115 Volt S/N 1432-09074
  • GFI Innovations Model MX6 Ink Formulation Dispenser S/N 3812-0023, 18-Cylinder Supply Carousel, 17" Computer Display, Digital Platform Scale, MXR101 Vortex Mixer
  • Hammond Glider Trim-O-Saw Model G4B, S/N 5822
  • Strobbe Model 220D Variable Plate Bender S/N2037, Dual Pneumatic Clamping Heads, C-Frame, Strobbe Register Plate Punch
  • (250+) Sections of HD Pallet Racking


1317 Straights Drive
BayCity, MI 48706
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Buyers are fully responsible for all rigging and shipping costs. We strongly recommend buyers obtain rigging quotes prior to bidding and confirm the rigging company can remove the intended purchases prior to the final removal date.  Riggers listed on our site are not exclusive, buyers may use any rigging company of their choice as long as they provide Thomas Industries with satisfactory liability insurance. 

For Rigging Quotes Contact:

F.C. Washington & Son Inc.
John Washington
Cell: 313-779-5066

DJ Knight
Knights Complete Printing Solution
Phone: 708-372-5901

James Gorham
Gorham Industrial LLC
Phone: 803-617-8434
Registration Deposit / Bidder Approval.  All bidders that aren't pre-approved by Thomas Industries will be required to provide a refundable deposit, prior to being approved for bidding.  The deposit must be  25% of the amount the bidder is looking to be approved for bidding up to.  Thomas Industries, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to deny bidding privileges to any customer. For information on bidder Approval or to provide a registration deposit contact Irina Lekhmus (email: or Phone: 203-458-0709).

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Payment Types:  Certified Check, Wire Transfer or E-Check (ACH)

As-Is Where-Is:  All Items Are Sold "As-Is Where-Is" With No Warranty or Guarantee of Operating Condition.  Auctioneer Strongly Recommends That Buyers Inspect Equipment Prior to Bidding.

Removal:   Removal begins Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Removal Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (M-F). All items must be removed by Wednesday, November 24, 2021.  Any items not removed by this date will be considered abandoned and bidder will forfeit all right to any items not removed, including all deposit or  payment monies.

Removal Costs: Buyers are fully responsible for all cost to remove their purchases.  Please get removal quotes prior to bidding and bid accordingly.

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