June 15, 2011

Masco Support Services

Live Onsite & Webcast Auction
By Order of Masco Support Services, Complete Closure of Major Commercial Printing Facility, Outstanding Offering of: Heidelberg Sheet Fed Printing Presses, Mark Andy Flexographic Printing Presses, Late Model Bindery & Packaging Equipment, Complete Prepress Department, Material Handling, Plant Support, etc.
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
  • Heidelberg SM102-11-P+L 11-Color Perfector Speedmaster 102 11 Color Press, S/N 547450 (New 2006), Impression Count: 113,206,194 Impression Counts are as of 1/20/2011.  Includes: Bielomatik Cutstar Roll to sheeter Plus 102 Serial #: EN60204-1  Roll Lift. Technotrans chiller & recirculator, CP2000 console with closed loop inking from shared sheet scanner and CIP3 rendering engine, Vario dampening, grafix spray, IR, & air knives, MCS coater after unit five (before perfector) - press is capable of 5 plus AQ / 6 plus AQ
  • Heidelberg CD102-6+L 6-Color CD with coater. Speedmaster 102, S/N 544118 (New 2001), Impression Count: 235883271 Impression Counts are as of 1/20/2011. Extended delivery, Triservice chiller & recirculator CP2000 console with closed loop inking from shared sheet scanner and CIP3 rendering device, cont. feed & delivery, Vario dampening, Grafix spray and IR & air knives, PRI UV coating system with 8 lamp water cooled removable cassete in ext. del.
  • Heidelberg SM102-6-P3+L 6-Color Speedmaster 102 with coater, S/N 539334 (New 1997), Impression Count: 282948872 Impression Counts are as of 1/20/2011. Tri service chiller, Royce recirculators, CPC102 console with scanning spectro, Vario dampening, grafix spray and hood, IR dryer, cont/ feed & delivery
  • Heidelberg SM102-4P+L 4-Color Speedmaster plus coater. S/N 540086 (New 1997), Impression Count: 196847517 Impression Counts are as of 1/20/2011. Perfecting 2/2, Technotrans chiller & recirculator, CPC102, Grafix spray, IR dryer, cont. feed & delivery, Vario dampening
  • Heidelberg SM102-ZP 2 Color Press S/N  528-850 (New 1989), Impression Count: 147490928 Impression Counts are as of 1/20/2011. Continuous feed & delivery, Royce recirculators, Graphix Spray, IR dryer, CPC console
  • Kolbus Perfect Binder Line, 20 Feed Pockets, Model ZU804, S/N 833 (New 1999), Kolbus Perfect Binder Unit Model KM472, S/N 428 (New 1999), Nordson Pro Glue #10 Hot Melt Glue System w/ Series LA404 Pattern Control System, 27 Clamp Stations, Delivery and Take Off Conveyors, Transnorm Delivery System, Kolbus 3-Knife Trimmer Model HD150, S/N 320 (New 1998), Rima Stacker Model RS-3313S, S/N 337834-10 (New 2004), Loveshaw Little David Case Sealer Model LD7D, S/N 340622937
  • Mark Andy 2200 8-Color Flexographic Printing Press Model 2200-10G, S/N 1321602 (New 2005), UV Technology Advanced Ultraviolet System #910VL, BST International Powerscope 3000, B. Bunch Company Fan Folder #590, S/N 590-624675
  • Mark Andy 2200 8-Color Flexographic Printing Press Model 2200-10F, S/N 1191733-1 (New 2000), Power Scope BST Promark System, Tec Lighting Spectrapure System, Fusion Aetek UV System Model UPW120134HIR, S/N 23939-2, Max Width 10"
  • Mark Andy 2200 2-Color Flexographic Printing PressModel 2200-10G, S/N 1345426 (New 2006), B. Bunch Company Fan Fold Unit #590
  • Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher Line Model 335, S/N 99.13046C510 (New 1995), (9) Feed Units #306, Cover Feed Unit #1528 (New 2002), Cover Feed Unit #306, 2-Stitch Heads, Muller Martini 3-Knife Trimmer #251, Muller Martini Stacker #310-CS-14, S/N 99.27757, Take Off Conveyor
  • Heidelberg Stahl Folder Model BCUH-78, S/N FH.FNJF-00497 (New 2005), Heidelberg Feed Unit Model PFH-82, S/N FH.HCC0-00367, Stahl Delivery Unit #SBP46.2, S/N 45734-192548
  • Heidelberg Folder Model KD.2-78/4, S/N 702703-293109 (New 2006), w/ Heidelberg Pile Feed Unit Model PD-78-T, S/N 702703-293109 
  • Stahl Folder Model TF66/6-4-RF.2, S/N 45306/92-188089, Continuous Feed, PCS100 Stahl Digital Batch Count
  • Heidelberg Pharmaceutical Folder Model 1.TI-36, S/N FH.FAMF-00130 (New 2005), 36 cm x 65 cm, Heidelberg Continuous Feed Unit Model FI-36, Pile Feed Unit, Right Angle #2.TI-36
  • Polar Mohr Paper Cutter Model 115ED, S/N 6731139 (New 1996), Air Bed Table, Light Safety Curtain, Programmable Control (#2)
  • Polar Mohr Paper Cutter Model 115EMC-MON, S/N 6431109 (New 1994), Air Bed Table, Light Safety Curtain, Programmable Control (#1)
  • Kallfass Packaging Machine Model MGZ400  S/N M02.04.484 (New 2004), Digital PLC Control, L-Shaped Packaging Section, Heat Seal Tunnel, Roller Take Off Conveyor
  • Maren Horizontal Baler Model 122 Auto-LP, S/N 01549, 20 HP, Wire Bundling, Air Tech 100 HP Cyclone Removal System
  • Lotem 800 Quantum Plate Setter S/N 0226-111779/01 (New 2001)
  • 2007 Freight Liner Box-Truck Dual-Axle, 26 Foot Bed 52,000 GVCW Diamond Plate reinforced floor with extra cross members. Heated Mirrors, 82k Miles
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