Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 1:00 PM (ET)

Maryland Packaging

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Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Needs of Maryland Packaging, Large Offering Featuring: Powder & Liquid Packaging Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Material Handling, Plant Support, etc.
Elkridge, Maryland - USA (Also Offsite Equipment in Illinois)
  • Avure Sterilizer, Hyperbolic
  • Fawema Sugar Line Type FA 100H, S/NA216874-1000, with AMS SHA Filling Machine and Spot Labeler
  • Turpack (Turkish) Towelette Machine Model TPW00, S/N202063 (New 2000)
  • Terra Firma Systems Form Fill and Seal Model CSI - L with All fill SHA
  • Matrix Form Fill and Seal Model 900915T-R, S/N00261
  • PSG YUE Offset Plug Pouch Machine
  • Oystar K-Cup Filler for Liquids, 4 Lane
  • Form Fill and Seal with Bucket Elevator, Scale Head and Discharge Conveyor
  • Vemag Stuffer Model Robot 500 (New 2016)
  • Telsonic Flow Wrapper with Smart Date X40 Coder
  • Grace Automation Rotary Cup Machine
  • Ribbon Blender, Stainless Steel, Approx 8' Long x 4' Wide x 4' Deep, with Cover and mezzanine
  • Double Ribbon Blender, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Shell
  • PK 10 CF Stainless Steel Twin Shell Blender, 55# / CF, S/N264957. Carbon Steel Exterior
  • General Form Fill and Seal Machine with Volumetric Product Feeder
  • AMS DHA Filling System with Conveyor
  • (3) Packaging Center Single Lane Scahet Liquid Filler
  • Urschel Dicer Model GX, S/N105
  • Arpac Shink Bundler Packaging Machine Model 112-28, S/N3643
  • (4) NBS Band Sealer Model 2001 with Conveyor
  • Doboy Band Sealer Model B-500M with Conveyor
  • Great Lakes Stainless Steel  Tunnel Model MS 1022-45
  • (2) Cousins Rotary Stretch Wrapper, Low Profile.
  • Inline Liquid Filler, 4-Head with 36" Stainless Steel Turntable
  • (3) Mateer Auger Filler Model SHA on Mobile Cart
  • AMS SHA Semi Automatic Filling Machine
  • GROEN Capkold Filler and Clipper
  • Z Bucket Elevator
  • (2) Flexicon Feeder with 5" Feed Tube and Drive, and SuperSack Unloader
  • Hamilton 80 Gallon with Horizontal Sweep Mixer
  • Great Western Sifter, 30" or 36" Diameter
  • (3) Nordson Versa Blue Gluers
  • (5) Fortress Metal Detector
  • Esker Fruit and Vegetable Washer
  • Robot Coupe R40B Food Processor
  • Good Nature Juice Press Model S-1
  • Large Shelf Dehydrator Model AGHD-15ELC
  • Ameri Cooler, Approximately 14' Wide x 10' Deep x 7' High, With Floor
  • Mattei Model AC 37 LX Air Compressor with Air Dryer
  • Large Offering of Pallet Racking
  • 2015 Fuxion Jacketed Agitated Portable Liquifier S/N HD-2015-18A, Dual Zone Jacketed
  • 2012 Groen 40 Gallon FT-40 Jacketed Kettle Groen 40 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle Model FT-40
  • Gold Medal 2621 Corntreat Mark 20 Cooker/Mixer S/N MK20L-518 - 20 Gallon Kettle Size
  • Gold Medal 2620 Mark 20 Cooker/Mixer S/N MK20-00191, 20 Gallon Kettle Size
  • Gold Medal Corntreat Karmel King Cooker/Mixer Mark 20, S/N MK20L-507, 20 Gallon Kettle Size
  • Orved Evox 30 Vacuum Packaging Machine w/ Pump, S/N USE1200014
  • Orved Dual Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Model SV31N, S/N 11US031008
  • Orved Thermostatic Bath for Sous Vide Cooking Model SV-Thermo, S/N USSVTG00004
  • Orved Thermostatic Bath for Low Temp Cooking of Sous Vide Products Model SV-Thermo, S/N USSVT00006
  • Loma IQ2 Pipeline Metal Detector, S/N KIPL 10255
  • 40 Gal Icos Fuxion Gas Heat Boiling Pan 150 Liter, Model PTFIG-150/NE, S/N 7251-0348
  • 2017 Firex 52 Gal Firex Gas Indirect Heat Boiling Pan - 200 Liter, Model PMRIG200, S/N 072239UN16/17
  • 2017 Firex Electric Tilting Cooker Model CBRE40, S/N 072204UN14
  • 2017 Moduline Pan Steamer - Stainless Steel Model SSO 03 IC, S/N 1601202004E
  • 2014 Firex 40-Gal Firex Elec. Tilt Kettle 150 Liter Model PMKIE150, S/N 064761SC08/2014
  • 2014 Firex 40 Gal Firex Elec Tilt Kettle - 150 Liter Model PMKIE150, S/N 064761SC08/2014
  • 2018 Firex Tilting Bratt, Braising Pan Model BM1G1201, S/N 075699WE22/2018
  • 2014 Firex Elec Indirect Hat Boiling Pan Model PM8IE150, S/N 064823SC18/2014
  • 2014 Firex 40 Gal Firex Elec Kettle/Cooker 150 Liter Model PE1E150, S/N 064770SC12/2014
  • Firex Tilting Sous-Vide Vacuum Cooker Model High P 070E, S/N 031873QL17
  • 2017 Firex Gas Bratt Pan w/ Manual Tilt Model BM7G, S/N 072283VA10/2017
  • 2016 Proc-X Firex Bratt Pan (Unused) Model BM7G0501, S/N 070420UD14
  • Fuxion 3-Compartment Steam Cooker Model FXSC-3, S/N 96334-11MM-4043
  • Lainox Naboo Cooker Combi Oven Model NAEB101 US, S/N LA 020097819
  • Icos Professional Stationary Gas Fired Kettle 150 Liters, Model PTF.1G-150/NE PR, S/N 7251-0347
  • 15 Gallon Firex Electric Kettle Model PM71E50, S/N 070961UF21/2016
  • 2016 Firex Pressure Gas Kettle w/ Boiler 15 Gallon, Model PM71G050, S/N 071791UL20/2016
  • 2013 Proc-X Firex Moduline Regenerating Warmer Driveable Cabinet, Model RFG20E, S/N 130285004E
  • 2016 Proc-X Firex Regenerating Warming Cabinet, Moduline Driveable, Model RFP40E, S/N 1 400379001E
  • Tamaseal Automatic Liquid Form Fill & Seal Model HP 1000-3, S/N 606
  • (2) Markem 9064 Printers w/ Print Heads Ink Jet Coders with Printer Heads
  • Sunshine Liquid Form Fill and Seal Model SP-203L, S/N 930310
  • PSG UE Offset Plug Pouch Machine with Stainless Steel Product Hopper, 2 Head Piston Filler
  • Weighpack AEF-7 Scale Filler S/N 1040, 50 Grams to 9.5 lbs weight range
  • Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine Model BS-W10
  • 12-Head RPS Rotary Filler - Square Gallons Model R1-12, S/N 9465-5-R, RPS
  • 16 Qt Patterson Kelley Liquid Solids Blender S/N LB=4993, Used PK 16 Qt. Stainless Steel Twin Shell Blender
  • 2003 Tripack HT-1 Shrink Sleeve Tunnel S/N 00311-H1-03-3
  • Chester Jensen Chiller Model XB-4-OT-2-21, S/N 0637-P
7030 Troy Hill Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075
Auction Type: Online Auction
First Lot Closes: Wednesday, January 25, 1:00 PM (ET)
Lots have 1-minute staggered closing times with 1-lot closing every minute.
Open House Inspection: Tuesday, January 24, 10 AM to 4 PM
Due to the company's ongoing operations and plant logistics, this auction will have an Exclusive Rigger for all items that cannot be carried out by hand.   The charge for rigging and truck loading will be listed for each item on the lot catalog.
For Rigging Quotes Contact:
Baltimore Alloy
Keith Erickson
Phone: 443-602-9920
Registration Deposit / Bidder Approval.  All bidders that aren't pre-approved by Thomas Industries will be required to provide a refundable deposit, prior to being approved for bidding.  The deposit must be  25% of the amount the bidder is looking to be approved for bidding up to.  Thomas Industries, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to deny bidding privileges to any customer. For information on bidder Approval or to provide a registration deposit contact Irina Lekhmus (email: or Phone: 203-458-0709).

Currency:  (USD).  This auction will be conducted in United States currency (USD)

Buyer's Premium: 18%

Staggered Closing Times: Lots Have 1-Minute Staggered Closing Times.

Auto Extend Bidding: If a bid is submitted with less than 5-minutes remaining, the closing time for that lot will be extended by 5-minutes.

Payment Due In Full: Thursday, January 26, 2022

Payment Types:  Certified Check, Wire Transfer, E-Check (ACH) or Crypto (BTC/ETH)

As-Is Where-Is:  All Items Are Sold "As-Is Where-Is" With No Warranty or Guarantee of Operating Condition.  Auctioneer Strongly Recommends That Buyers Inspect Equipment Prior to Bidding. 

Removal:   All items must be removed by Friday, February 10, 2023.  Any items not removed by this date will be considered abandoned and bidder will forfeit all right to any items not removed, including all deposit or  payment monies.

Removal Costs / Exclusive Rigger: Due to the company's ongoing operations and plant logistics, this auction will have an Exclusive Rigger for all items that cannot be carried out by hand.   The charge for rigging and truck loading will be listed for each item on the lot catalog. For questions contact: Baltimore Alloy, Keith Erickson, Phone: 443-602-992

Legally Binding Contract:  All bids constitute a legally binding contract and bidders will be legally obligated to make payment and remove items in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sale.
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