Auction Services

Thomas Industries is a top-ranked industrial auction firm providing the highest level of service to ensure maximum recovery for their clients, whether the assets include machinery, equipment, inventories, intangibles, or real property.

Since the company’s inception in 1947, Thomas Industries continues to lead the way in the development and utilization of the latest auction technologies and marketing techniques.

Each project is evaluated by senior management, different sale methodologies are considered, and turn-key programs are tailored to generate the greatest return and accommodate all client needs. In many cases, the hybrid approach of an auction in conjunction with private sales on key-items is the best combination for success.

Thomas’s auction team includes some of the most experienced personnel in the industry that handle all aspects of each project including plant setup, marketing, overseeing inspections, conducting the sale, invoicing, collection, and managing the removal of equipment in a safe and timely manner.

Internet Utilization
The development of auction software and the utilization of the internet has led to over 90% of industrial auctions being conducted through online bidding platforms, primarily using a time-bidding format. Online auctions remove many of the physical limitations of traditional onsite auctions such as geography, presence, time, and a small target audience.

Thomas Industries utilizes the latest online bidding software, which has been developed to create an open bidding environment where competitive unrestricted bidding leads to top results.