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Thursday, April 12, 2018, 1:00 PM (ET)

Flanagan Industries

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Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Needs of Flanagan Industries, Including: Large Capacity Vertical Turret Lathes & Boring Mills, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, Metal Fabricating Equipment, Plant Support, etc.
Glastonbury, Connecticut - USA

    • 118" Morando 2-Axis CNC Vertical Turret Lathe, VS-30, 118" T-Slotted Face Plate, 89" U/R, 5-Position Turret, Side Head (Manual), 100 HP Spindle Motor, Manual Pulse Generator, Fanuc 18iTB CNC Control Retrofit '09, Serial No. 695196
    • 118" Morando 2-Axis CNC Vertical Turret Lathe, KN-30, 118" T-Slotted Face Plate, 89" U/R, 5-Position Turret, Side Head (manual), Trabon Lube, Coolant System, Bellow Way Covers, 100 HP Rebuilt Baldor Motor, Fanuc Red Cap Servo motors, Manual Pulse Generator, Fanuc 18iT CNC Control Retrofit '07, Serial No. 685160
    • 49" Webster & Bennett CNC VTL, Series S, 82" Swing, 63" U/R, 49" 4-Jaw Chuck w/o Jaws, 84" Drilled and Tapped Face Plate, 5-Position Turret, Elevating Rail, GE Fanuc 16i-T CNC Control, Fanuc Red Capo Servos, Turbo Chip Conveyor, Hardened Ways, Steel Sliding Way Covers, Coolant System, 5.25-324 RPM, 75 HP Moto, New Table Bearing
    • Titan AFD-105 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill, X-72" , Y-81", W-72", Z-32", 0-1600 RPM, 50 Taper, Fanuc Red Cap Servo Motors, 31.5" Tsudakoma CNC Rotary Table, (2) Right Angle Heads, 1-Spindle Support, 1/2 ton jib crane, Hardened Ways, Coolant System, Manual Pulse Generator, Fanuc 16M 4-Axis CNC Control, Serial No. 105
    • 67" Sundstrand/Morando CNC Vertical Boring Mill, 67" T-Slotted Face Plate, 81" Swing, 63" U/R, Ram, 39" Ram Stroke, 12-Station ATC, Approx. 9-Tools, Fanuc GN10 Series CNC Control, Fanuc Yellow Cap Servos, Digital DC Drives (Eurothern 590 Series), Thru Tool Coolant System, 75 HP, Serial No. 126
    • 220 Ton PIT 200/40SC Simerom Press Brake, 157" Bed, 96" 4-way die, 122" Between Housings, 11.82" Gap, 15.75" Open Height, Electric Foot Switch, 25 HP, 1998
    • Niagara 6'-72 Pyramid Bending Rolls, 3/16" Cap, Drop End, Serial No. 57101
    • 1/4" x 118" Simerom FGH 630 Hydraulic Plate Shear, Front Operated Back Gauge, 107" Squaring Arm, (3) 32.5" Support Arms, Electric Foot Switch, Serial No. 453, 1997
    • 36" Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe, 34" 4-Jaw Chuck, 38" Drilled & Tapped Fixture Plate, Turret & Side Head w/ Turret, 200 RPM, Feeds .083-.125, 2-Axis Sony DRO, Scan-o-Matic Tracer, Coolant, Chip Guards, Threading, 25 HP Serial No. 13475
    • Mazak V15N Vertical Machining Center, 24.5" x 48.5" T-Slotted Table, Tsudakoma RNCV-401R CNC Rotary Table, 30.75" Drilled and Tapped Fixture plate, 50 Taper, 30-Station ATC, Fanuc 6M CNC Control, Serial No. 49824
    • Mazak V20 Vertical Machining Center, 29.5" x 69" T-Slotted Table, 31.5" Tsudakoma RNCV-801 CNC Rotary Table, 50 Taper, 40-Position ATC, Fanuc 6M Controls, Serial No. 45080
    • Ikegai MX3 Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 72" x 72" T-slotted Table, 19.5" Tsudakoma RNCM-501R1 CNC Rotary table, 30-Station ATC, 40 Taper, X-39", Y-24", Z-12", Fanuc 6M 4-Axis CNC Control, S/N 22241A
    • Jib Cranes, Hoists, Air Compressors, Dust Collectors, Forklifts, Wash Booth, Tool Room Lathes, Hydraulic Expander, Shot Blast and Much More!
    25 Mill Street
    Glastonbury, CT 06033

    Online Auction
    Auction Status: Bidding Not Yet Open.  Check Back Soon For Lot Catalog.

    First Lot Closes: Thursday, April 12, 1:00 PM (ET).

    Lots have 1-minute staggered closing times with 1-lot closing every minute.

    Open House Inspection: Wednesday, April 11, 9 AM to 4 PM (local time)

    Buyers are fully responsible for all rigging and shipping costs. We strongly recommend all buyers to get rigging quotes prior to bidding and bid accordingly.

    For Rigging Quotes Contact:

    Pedowitz Machinery Movers
    Joe Duffy
    Phone: 908-444-1419


    Registration Deposit / Bidder Approval.  All bidders that aren't pre-approved by Thomas Industries will be required to provide a refundable deposit, prior to being approved for bidding.  The deposit must be  25% of the amount the bidder is looking to be approved for bidding up to.  Thomas Industries, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to deny bidding privileges to any customer. For information on bidder Approval or to provide a registration deposit contact Irina Lekhmus (email: or Phone: 203-458-0709). 

    Currency:  (USD).  This auction will be conducted in United States currency (USD)

    Buyer's Premium: 15%

    Staggered Closing Times: Lots Have 60-Second Staggered Closing Times.

    Auto Extend Bidding: If a bid is submitted with less than 3-minutes remaining, the closing time for that lot will be extended by 3-minutes.

    Payment Due In Full: Friday, April 13, 2018.

    Payment Types: Certified Check or Wire Transfer

    As-Is Where-Is:  All Items Are Sold "As-Is Where-Is" With No Warranty or Guarantee of Operating Condition.  Auctioneer Strongly Recommends That Buyers Inspect Equipment Prior to Bidding.

    Removal:  Removal begins Monday, April 16. Removal Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (M-F). All items must be removed by Friday, April 27, 2018, without exception.  Any items not removed by this date will be considered abandoned and bidder will forfeit all right to any items not removed, including all deposit or  payment monies.

    Removal Costs: Buyers are fully responsible for all cost to remove their purchases.  Please get removal quotes prior to bidding and bid accordingly.

    Legally Binding Contract:  All bids constitute a legally binding contract and bidders will be legally obligated to make payment and remove items in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sale.

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