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Auction - Late July, 2017

EcoThermics Corporation

Stalking Horse Bid Opportunity for Upcoming Auction
Turn-Key Business to be Offered by Auction, EcoThermics Corporation a Pioneer of Natural Refrigerant Heat Pump Technologies, Including all Tangible and Intangible Assets.
Peoria, Illinois - USA


    Now Soliciting a Stalking Horse Bidder for the Upcoming Auction of EcoThermics Corporation, a Pioneer of Natural Refrigerant Heat Pump Technologies.  

    EcoThermics a developer and pre-production manufacturer, is selling its innovative new type of high-performance transcritical CO2 compressor, based upon an axial, swash plate design platform.

    Utilizing naturally occurring carbon dioxide (CO2) as its refrigerant, the EcoThermics compressor is safe and climate-friendly, unlike traditional compressors that utilize synthetic refrigerants, which are toxic greenhouse gases. The Company‚Äôs key innovation lies in its superior patented design, which enables OEMs in virtually any market to build environmentally sustainable heating, cooling and refrigeration systems for diverse commercial, industrial, residential, mobile and portable applications.

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    Looking to approve a Stalking Horse Bid by mid-July with an auction sale on July 27, 2017.

    Technical Inquiries
    Merle Rocke CPIM, Chairman & CEO
    Cell: 309-303-0681

    Bidding Inquiries
    Tom Gagliardi
    Phone: 203-458-0709 x101

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